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Browsing Directories and Paths Commands in SSH

Command: cd

Stands for change directory

It is slightly different to ms-dos but still similar. You must remember that / is the top of your disk. You can use this relatively or not.

eg. cd home

This command would only work if you were already at the top of the disk (in /). If you weren't it would fail. If your current path is /var/log and you wanted to browse the the home directory, you would use:

eg. cd /home

Adding the / at the front of the path makes it relative to the top of the disk.

./ refers to the current directory. You may require to use it in certain commands to show the current directory

../ refers to the directory above the current directory.

For example, if the current directory path is /home/user4/public_html/downloads/programs/

./ would refer to the programs folder

../ would refer to the downloads folder

../../ would refer to the public_html folder

../../../ would refer to the user4 folder

and so on.

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