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What's The Deal?

SSH Commands started off as a dump for linux commands by the author, having a bad memory and sometimes went through long periods of time without having to work in servers so the information was pushed out. The commands used in SSH normally don't allow for much error so its good to have them on reference some where. From there SSH Commands was born.

Our aim now is to be a place beginners can turn to when they need help with basic SSH Commands, or that little reminder free of charge.


What is SSH?

SSH is secure shell, a tool used to connect and talk to linux servers. These commands aren't SSH commands as such, but more so commands that can be used in SSH whilst talking to the linux server.

Most of these commands presented are based around a Red Hat/CentOS operating systems. We don't warrant the accuracy or compatibility of the information provided here, instead provide information as a possible channel for new users, resolution seekers and more research.



Below are the SSH guides we have on site at the moment. If you have a suggestion please let us know and we'll try and add it.

SSH Client - Connecting to SSH
Getting General Command Help From Within SSH
Shell Text Editor (nano)
Browsing Directories and Paths Commands in SSH
Listing Directory Content
Making Files and Directories
Check Binded IP addresses
Useful symbols including wildcards
What is fsck?
File System Permissions
Common Paths and File Locations
Restarting Services (Apache, Mysql, etc)
Repairing Databases
Red IP Addresses/Sites Do Not Work Off Primary Shared IP (cPanel/WHM)
Easy way to find php.ini path
RDNS lookup (host)
Send Message In SSH
Find Service
Create FTP Account For New Location
Create FTP Account For Duplicate Location (eg. second user same path)
Delete Users
Installing Nano (Text Editor) In SSH
Find Current Browsing Path
Backing up Database (Incomplete)
Restoring a Database (Incomplete)
Check ports for processes
Setting Up New Server Check List
Secure/Setup cPanel/WHM
Check Kernel Version
Check for vulnerable / exploitable / hackable phpBB forums
Flush Exim Queue
Access Denied Error from phpMyAdmin via WHM (cPanel)
Locate files owned by nobody and delete
Update, Fix, Correct or Sync Server Time and Date

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